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Are you looking for style and unique functionality when installing mirrors? LED mirrors have gained massive popularity for their impeccable features and outstanding functionality.

At the forefront of LED mirror manufacturing is Meek Mirrors, a US-based mirror manufacturer with a knack for designing and manufacturing high-quality mirrors. Learn below how Meek Mirrors excels at creating the perfect LED mirrors for your residential and commercial usage.

What Are LED Mirrors?

An LED mirror is a mirror containing LED bulbs lighting up the surfaces. LED lights can be incorporated in multiple ways. For instance, Meek Mirrors manufactures side-lit and back-lit LED mirrors.

How Does an LED Mirror Work?

An LED mirror works with electricity usage and by activating the features associated with it. These mirrors also work after illuminating the LED lighting from the mirror glass’ back or side. Meek Mirrors manufactures easy-to-use LED mirrors that don’t require extra installation or processes.

Are LED Mirrors a Good Idea?

LED mirrors use LED bulbs, which are more energy efficient compared to other bulb types. LED bulbs typically have an efficacy of over 50,000 hours. Consequently, you can expect your LED bulbs to last about a decade–more or less.

Besides their energy efficiency, LED mirrors are also a brilliant idea for their aesthetic appeal. They are stylish and add a huge element of appeal to any interior space.

Features of LED Mirrors

LED mirrors vary widely in terms of brand, manufacturer, prices, etc., meaning their features vary too. Meek Mirrors designs and manufactures high-quality LED mirrors with unique features, such as:

  • Stainless Steel Build

Meek’s LED mirrors feature a stainless steel wall-mounted base as well as stainless steel hangers. This stainless steel build protects the LED mirrors from rust and damage from exposure to different elements. It also assures your product of extended durability, provided you also take care of the mirror installation appropriately.

  • Varying Lighting Options

Meek Mirrors manufactures LED mirrors in different lighting options, such as 3000k, 4000k, 5000k, and 6000k. This way, you can purchase and install mirrors that meet your energy needs.

  • Energy Efficient LED Lights

These are the central features of the LED mirror. Meek Mirrors uses the best LED lights that promise to deliver impressive energy savings.

  • Standard Mirror Size

Meek’s LED mirrors come in a standard ¼” mirror featuring polished edges. This sizing ensures minimalistic usage of space. In addition, the polished edges result in a beautifully translucent finish.

Advantages of LED Mirrors

Here are reasons to invest in Meek’s LED Mirrors.

  1. Easy to Install and Replace

The LED mirrors are easy to install with a simple plug-and-play system. In addition, the LED lights and driver are easily replaceable with the aid of Meek’s plug-and-play system.

  1. Custom Sizing

You can order custom-sized LED mirrors from Meek Mirrors to fit your precise size specifications and demands.

  1. Energy Efficiency

LED mirrors can save you a lot in energy expenditure since they don’t use much electricity. This makes them the perfect investment for multiple mirror installations, for example, in a commercial restroom.


Meek’s LED mirrors are the perfect complement for any residential or commercial restroom installation. They are uniquely versatile and come in handy if you want to spruce up your interior decor.

Meek Mirrors is a leading mirror manufacturer with a keen eye for details, quality, and customer satisfaction. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors sources the best products and raw materials from reputable American suppliers to manufacture premium products like LED-lighted mirrors.

Call Meek Mirrors to custom order LED mirrors for your residential or commercial usage today.

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