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Our products are 100% American made, and we’re proud of that.

Made in the USA.  The Reality

Unfortunately, a product does not have to be made in the USA to have this label. Many products labeled made in the USA are only partially made in the USA.  It is easy to legally label “Made in the USA” with your accountants and lawyers interpretation of federal law.  In the majority of the time, the labor is done elsewhere because there is a cheaper labor rate, no benefits and no regard to the environment or worker safety.

If you want to support US jobs, then make sure it is 100% made in the USA.

Meek Mirrors: 100% Made in the USA without lawyers or accountants or marketing gimmicks.

Meek Mirrors is a veteran-owned company with a simple mission:   Make the finest product in the world with US employees and materials.

-Blog post was written by Don Marley, President of Meek Mirrors LLC.

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