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Security is a major concern for every place of business, regardless of the nature of your business. One of the best ways to improve security in a commercial setting is increasing surveillance inside the premises. One of the most effective conventional ways to increase safety and surveillance is installing dome surveillance mirrors from Meek Mirrors. Here is a short guide about the dome surveillance mirrors from Meek Mirrors.

Features of the Dome Surveillance Mirror

Meek Mirrors has a reputation for handcrafting high-quality mirrors with improved functionality and aesthetic appeal. This dome surveillance mirror is designed to prevent collisions in public spaces. It is also common in establishments such as hospitals, clinics, prisons, and other commercial facilities.

The product features include:

  • Available in quarter, half, or full dome styles. The quarter style guarantees safe L-way views, while the half ensures safe T-way views, and the full-dome ensures safe 4-way full views. You can choose which one to install depending on your application.
  • It is available with a high-impact plastic or all-steel reflector. This feature is intended to increase the dome surveillance mirror’s effectiveness in reflecting approaching objects.

Advantages of the Dome Surveillance Mirrors

This mirror from Meek Mirrors is designed to be effective in increasing safety and security around commercial establishments. Here are a few pros of installing a dome surveillance mirror from Meek Mirrors:

  1. Easy installation. The dome surveillance mirror from Meek Mirrors is easy to mount on the desired surface. You can hang it flush to the ceiling or vertically on your premise walls.
  2. Clear views. Depending on where you install the mirror and the presence of obstructions, the dome surveillance mirror provides full surveillance and views of objects or people in other parts of the room. Installing the full-dome surveillance mirror flush to your ceiling allows for full visibility in the reflection.
  3. Quality build. Meek Mirrors prides itself on handcrafting its products with top-of-the-line materials to guarantee longevity and improved functionality. The dome surveillance mirror is designed with a high-quality steel reflector and mirror materials that make it more durable
  4. They are designed for any commercial property. The dome surveillance mirror can work perfectly in retail and commercial spaces needing added surveillance and security.

Meek Mirrors is an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality custom health and security products such as the dome surveillance mirror. The mirror is designed from locally-sourced materials.

Are you looking to improve security and visibility in your workspace to increase safety for your clients and employees? The dome surveillance mirror allows you to enjoy clear 360° unobstructed views. Reach out to Meek Mirrors to order your dome surveillance mirror today.

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