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Are You looking for visually appealing, top-notch mirror designs for your property? Meek Mirrors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality mirror designs for commercial and residential installation. One of the most uniquely designed mirror fixtures from Meek Mirrors is the contemporary rounded rectangular mirror. Check out how the rounded rectangular mirror stands out and why you should install it.

Features of the Rounded Rectangular Mirror

This is a contemporary mirror with a couple of frame options that increase a bathroom’s appeal. Below are some of the distinct features that make it ideal for installation.

  1. Steel Frame

The rounded rectangular mirror features a powder-coated steel frame with a 1.38″ depth. Meek Mirrors uses high-quality steel materials to ensure superior quality products

  1. Black or Gold Metal Finish

Meek Mirrors provides a rounded rectangular mirror in gold and black frame finish. As such, you can order your mirror in whichever finish matches your interior décor or general preference

  1. No Bevel Mirror

This fixture features a 4mm mirror with no bevel

  1. It Comes with a Hanging Bracket

The rounded rectangular mirrors come with hanging brackets that you can use for horizontal or vertical mounting. Regardless of the position you choose to install the mirror, the mounting brackets hold the fixture securely and steadily

  1. Rounded Corners

As the name suggests, this fixture features rounded corners that minimize the chances of accidental cuts typical with sharp-cornered mirror fixtures. The rounded corners have also been smoothened to give a soft and safe finishing

  1. The mirror also has a small floating gap.

Benefits of Installing the Rounded Rectangular Mirror

  • Luxury Installation

The rounded rectangular mirror comes in either a gold or black frame finish. Either frame finish is elegantly designed to complement any luxury décor. This makes the mirror perfect for installation in modern housing. This also means the mirrors are visually appealing, which directly correlates to increased property value

  • Versatile

The rounded rectangular mirror can be installed in bathrooms or any personal space you consider ideal. It has a simple yet visually appealing design that can be added to any part of the house. Its simple design also means it can match almost any décor type in a residential or commercial installation

  • Strong and Durable

The rounded rectangular mirror is designed with high-quality materials, including steel. Meek Mirrors has a solid reputation for manufacturing items that withstand the test of time. The rounded rectangular mirror is protected by a steel frame that ensures almost no corrosion or easy breakage. Safe Installation

The mirror is designed for absolute safety owing to the smooth rounded corners. As such, you can install it in most applications. In addition, the hanging brackets also allow for either vertical or horizontal installation.

Order Your Mirror from Meek Mirrors Today

If you are looking for a professionally designed mirror, the rounded rectangular mirror from Meek Mirror is an ideal choice for most bathrooms. Meek Mirrors handcrafts and hand polishes all its mirrors and products before subjecting them to a top-standard quality review. Order your rounded rectangular mirror from Meek Mirrors today.

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