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What is A Tri-View Mirror?

Just as the name implies, a tri-view mirror is three mirrors placed side by side to form one mirror fixture. A tri-view mirror is an excellent fit for bathroom or bedroom installation. It is a stand-up mirror common in clothing stores, especially inside fitting rooms. The mirror pieces are designed from the same material for uniformity.

Benefits of Installing a Tri-View Mirror

A tri-view mirror stands out from conventional mirrors for several reasons, including:

  1. Space Saving. A tri-view mirror saves space since each mirror is linked to one another instead of separating them on different surfaces.
  2. Visual Appeal. The tri-view mirror makes your space more decent and elegant. You can install it to match any interior décor. In addition, mirrors make a room appear brighter due to light reflection. Therefore, the more or, the larger the mirror, the more spacious and brighter your room will be.
  3. Added Functionality. The three mirrors allow you to see different angles.
  4. The stationary center panel mounts to the wall and the two wings are hinged for varying degrees of adjustment.

Why Choose Meek Mirrors?

Meek Mirrors is an industry-leading company that designs and manufactures different types of high-quality mirrors, from ordinary mirrors to tri-view mirrors. Here is why our clients prefer us for their supply and installation:

  • We use high-quality materials in making our mirrors and products.
  • We handcraft and customize our mirror products to our customer’s size and design specifications.
  • Our mirrors are designed for maximum strength and durability. Additionally, we offer a warranty on our products to safeguard your purchase.
  • Versatile products. Our mirrors are designed for flexibility. For instance, you can install the tri-view mirror in any space you desire.

Are you looking for the best-quality tri-view mirror? Meek Mirrors is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of virtually any mirror type. Whether you want a demonstration mirror, tri-view mirror, or regular mirror, Meek Mirrors has got it all. Contact Meek Mirrors to order your tri-view mirror today.


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