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Meek Mirrors is an industry leader in handcrafted mirrors. Since 1961, we have been designing and handcrafting original, high-quality mirrors for commercial, residential, and industrial use.

Headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors is the leading American mirror manufacturer with a knack for customer satisfaction. Contact us to meet all your mirror needs and specifications.

A History of Handcrafted Innovation

In 1961, we designed and patented the Theft-Proof Snap Mirror to fill a need and demand in the construction sector. The theft-proof snap mirror is our original product and is popular among commercial clients.

Since 1961, our handcrafted mirrors have been bought and installed in over two million locations by over six thousand licensed dealers. Our headquarters in Fort Worth, AR, locally handles the manufacturing, sales, marketing, and administration. 

Our Outstanding Features

Meek Mirrors prides itself on authenticity and being unique in the products and services we offer. Features that make us stand out include:

  1. Over 5 Decades of Experience

Our handcrafted products have been used countrywide in the commercial and residential sectors for over 50 years. Over the decades, our innovation processes may have undergone massive changes, however, our products’ quality has remained constant.

Our veteran-owned business can create custom orders for your residential, commercial, or industrial builds, regardless of the property type. Rest assured, our products can withstand the test of time and, occasionally, environmental factors.

  1. Quality Products

Quality is a major driving force at Meek Mirrors. All our custom mirrors are 100% Made in the USA. We source all our products from reputable American companies. Our experts then hand weld, hand polish, and handcraft these products at our main site in Fort Smith, AR.

We serve all our client’s needs for high-quality handcrafted mirrors and stainless steel products.

  1. Environmental Friendliness

Meek Mirrors is committed to product excellence and environmental protection. Due to our environmental dedication, we recently changed all lighting to LED energy-efficient fixtures to reduce electricity demand significantly. Starting June 2020, all our lighted products’ Color Rendering Index is 90.

As we embrace innovation and technology, we also strive to improve our products to reduce energy consumption without affecting product quality. Meek Mirrors is dedicated to supporting modern sustainability efforts by reducing its environmental footprints.

  1. Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here and ready to serve you and all your unique needs. Each staff member understands every aspect of mirror manufacturing and can answer your questions or address your concerns professionally. Contact us or visit any of our licensed dealers to get answers to your questions and concerns.

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Meek Mirrors, we make our customers our top priority to ensure they receive the exact product quality they want. Our products are designed for maximum strength and durability. We also provide product warranties to protect our customers’ investments.

Order from Meek Mirrors Today

Meek Mirrors is a leading mirror manufacturer and supplier with over five decades of experience manufacturing industrial, commercial, and residential mirror and stainless steel products. We create standard and custom products to meet all our clients’ demands and specifications. Contact us to learn more or order your mirror products from any of our licensed dealers.

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