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Are you looking for an economic mirror for your commercial, industrial, or residential space? The channel-framed mirror from Meek Mirrors is one of the top mirror choices designed for affordability without compromising style and quality.

Meek Mirrors is a leading mirror manufacturer in Fort Smith, Arkansas supplying a wide range of mirrors for different needs. Order your channel-framed mirror today!

Features of the Channel Framed Mirror

Below are the top outstanding features of the channel-framed mirror from Meek Mirrors:

  1. High-Quality Steel Build

The channel-framed mirror is made with top-quality 22 gauge, 304 stainless steel. This steel is durable, oxidation, and corrosion-resistant and can endure average exposure. It also provides a reasonable level of protection from damage.

  1. Mitered Corners

The mitered corner design in the channel-framed mirror is partly to reduce extra bulk, allowing the edges to meet at a strict 45-degree angle. The mitered corners also protect the mirror against damage, vandalism, or causing injury to users.

  1. Theft-Resistant Concealed Mounting

The channel-framed mirror features a theft-resistant concealed mounting that makes it hard to be stolen. This feature makes the mirror perfect for vandalism-prone areas such as commercial restrooms. The concealed mounting feature also gives the mirror a minimalistic appearance.

  1. Two Satin Finish Options

The mirror can be ordered in either a bright or satin finish to complement your taste, design, or preference. 


Advantages of Channel-Framed Mirrors

Reasons the channel-framed mirror stands out include:

  • Economical. The product is a one-piece unit with no need for additional installation or setup. This reduces your need to budget for extra purchases. The economical one-piece unit makes it ideal for larger spaces with the need to avoid going over the budget.
  • Custom options. You can order the channel-framed mirror in different options such as between a bright or satin finish. You can also order the mirror in one out of the 8 mirror glazing options.
  • Available in standard sizes. The channel-framed mirror comes in standard sizes, meaning you don’t have to worry about matching size specifications or dimensions.
  • Easy installation. As a one-piece unit, there is no need for additional installation parts or tools. Installation can be done in under as two minutes, whereas replacement can be in under one minute.
  • The channel-framed mirror is excellent for high-vandalism areas and commercial restrooms, such as gas stations, stadiums, and schools.
  • Excellent build quality. The mirror is handcrafted from high-quality, locally-sourced materials and products. It is made from the best corrosion- and rust-resistant stainless steel variety. This makes it a durable, long-term investment.

More importantly, you can purchase the channel-framed mirror in bulk for a uniform style in an area with multiple mirrors installed. Alternatively, you can purchase it in a single order unit for smaller spaces. 

Order Your Mirror from Meek Mirror

Meek Mirrors manufactures top-quality mirror products for residential, commercial, and industrial use. We source all our materials from American brands and suppliers to give our customers an authentic American experience.

Our expert engineers and designers create the best product designs and products to meet different customer needs. Order your channel-framed mirror from Meek Mirrors today.


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