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Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom to a more contemporary, aesthetically pleasing design? A mirror is one of the key elements of a bathroom design. Not only is it a functional upgrade, but also an aesthetically appealing upgrade.

Meek Mirrors is a dedicated partner and supplier of top-of-the-line mirror products intended for any bathroom upgrade–commercial or residential bathroom upgrade. Our contemporary stainless steel framed mirror is among the top mirror options we recommend for a beautiful bathroom upgrade. Learn more about the contemporary framed mirror and why it is the best for your bathroom upgrade.

Features of the Contemporary Framed Mirror

The contemporary stainless steel framed mirror is the perfect upgrade for your bathroom, countertop, or vanity. Its frame’s wide width adds an elegant touch to the mirror and will instantly update your bathroom. Fortunately, the contemporary framed mirror can be perfect for any bathroom upgrade, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

Features that make the contemporary stainless steel framed mirror stand out include:

  • 18 Gauge, 304 Stainless Steel. Meek Mirrors uses high-quality stainless steel materials to manufacture products guaranteed for strength and durability. The mirror’s stainless steel feature makes it perfect for moisture-filled areas like the bathroom.
  • Theft-resistant concealed mounting. The contemporary framed mirror has theft-resistant concealed mounting, ideal for vandalism-prone areas such as commercial bathrooms. The concealed mounting also gives it a minimalist appearance, giving your bathroom an extra elegant appeal.
  • Satin finish. The contemporary framed mirror only comes with a satin finish for a unique appeal.
  • Customizable frame face. Customization allows you to have a bathroom to your liking and preference.
  • Hand-welded and polished corners. The contemporary framed mirror’s corners are hand-welded and polished to perfection
  • The mirror comes in all 8 Meek’s mirror glazing options, including:
  1. Plate glass mirror
  2. Category II tape-backed mirror
  3. Laminated mirror
  4. Tempered mirror
  5. Acrylic mirror
  6. Polycarbonate mirror
  7. Aluminum mirror
  8. Stainless steel mirror.
  • Frames may be powder-coated. As such, the contemporary framed mirror will be highly resistant to tear and wear. Such protection and durability make powder coating well-suited for metals and products that come into contact with various environmental factors and elements like moisture.

Advantages of the Contemporary Framed Mirror

Here is why you need to consider the contemporary framed mirror for your bathroom upgrade.

  • Made-to-order custom sizes. You can order the contemporary framed mirror in custom sizes to fit your bathroom specs.
  • Versatile. The contemporary framed mirror can fit any bathroom setting–whether in offices, apartments, hotels, or retail buildings.
  • Classic look. The contemporary framed mirror has a clean and polished look with satin finishes and concealed mounting, giving it an extra aesthetic appeal.

Contact Meek Mirrors to Help with Your Bathroom Upgrade

Are you ready for your bathroom upgrade? Installing a functional and aesthetic mirror can transform your bathroom space to excellence. Meek Mirrors designs and manufactures high-quality mirrors, such as the contemporary framed mirror you can use to update your bathroom design. Contact us to order custom-sized contemporary stainless steel framed mirrors for your bathroom upgrade.

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