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Meek Mirrors is an industry-leading mirror manufacturer headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The company is a customer preference due to its values and principles, including customer satisfaction, high-quality products, and sustainability.

For over 50 years, Meek Mirrors has remained dedicated to product excellence and customer satisfaction. Commitment to product excellence includes protecting its employees’ work and global environments. This article highlights how Meek Mirrors shows dedication to product excellence and sustainability.

  1. Meek Mirrors uses only recyclable raw materials to manufacture its products. We manufacture with products that are 100% recyclable. Our objectives include 100% recycling of the products shipped to us for use in our products and 100% recycling and reusing of the raw material packaging.
  2. In addition, the mirrors manufacturer sources steel made from 80% recycled materials and packaging materials made of 30% recycled materials.
  3. Meek Mirrors also recycles 100% of its scrap to include foam, cardboard, and steel.
  4. Meek Mirrors uses strictly USA-manufactured raw materials. Moreover, we use US-manufactured products to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.
  5. We purchase raw materials close to our manufacturing plant. One of our objectives is to constantly reduce the distance suppliers ship materials to us. In addition, we purchase raw materials from vendors committed to and share our value to protecting the environment.
  6. At Meek Mirrors, we implore our suppliers to ship products on pallets they reuse, or we recycle.
  7. We purchase crating materials grown and milled in Arkansas.
  8. We use non-hazardous materials, including those with VOCs, to reduce the chemical impact on the environment. Our moisture barrier materials comply with LEED VOC limits.
  9. Meek Mirrors encourages the further reduction of office waste via les printing. Paperless systems cost less and are more efficient compared to paper systems.

Part of our sustainability efforts includes improving and impacting the lives of the locals and their environment. Meek Mirrors was named Contractor of the Year by Bost Human Development Services in 2019. Bost hires and trains special needs and other challenged individuals to manufacture our shipping crates.

In its effort to go green, in 2020, Meek Mirrors changed all lighting to LED energy-efficient fixtures to minimize electric demand by over 20%. In addition, since June 2020, All Meek Mirrors lighted products’ Color Rendering Index (CRI) has been 90%.

As technology advances, Meek Mirrors is dedicated to improving its products’ quality to reduce energy usage without compromising on quality. Despite constantly seeking to reduce its carbon footprint, Meek Mirrors is still committed to manufacturing the best quality products customers are yet to see.

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors entered the mirror manufacturing business in the early 1960s, pioneering the design and manufacture of the Theft Proof Snap Mirror Frame. Meek Mirrors’ manufacturing, sales, marketing, and administration are locally located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Besides our dedication to going green and sustainability, we are also keen on quality custom products and are committed to product excellence. We source all our products from American companies, then hand-weld, hand-polish, and hand-finish them here in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

We manufacture handcrafted mirrors and stainless steel products customized to your specifications, needs, and preferences. Contact us today to be a part of the going green initiative by enjoying our wide range of sustainable products.

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