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Meek Mirrors manufactures high-quality products, including mirrors, shelves, and specialty products such as stainless steel grab bars, stainless steel countertops, and garage/shop products. The company is dedicated to ensuring high product quality, top-notch workmanship, and customer satisfaction.

As such, Meek Mirrors provides warranties to guarantee its products’ efficiency, quality, and functionalities. Below is a guide on Meek Mirrors and the company’s product warranties.

1-Year Limited Warranty Covering Workmanship Defects

Meek Mirrors’ products have a 1-year limited warranty covering workmanship and material defects under normal use from the product’s purchase date. Products such as toilet paper dispensers,  hand towel dispensers, and soap dispensers have a 1-year guarantee and warranty against workmanship and material defects under normal use. 

2-15 Years Product Warranty

Meek Mirrors’ product warranties range from two to fifteen years, depending on the product type. Meek Mirrors glass has a 15-year warranty against damage. However, specialty mirrors, such as laminated mirrors, have a 5-year warranty against damage.

Tempered glass has a 5-year warranty against mirror spoilage, 1 year against defects in workmanship. This is because Meek Mirrors’ tempered glass differs in visual quality from Meek Mirrors’ ¼” float mirror.

In addition, the tempered glass may feature some distortion, haziness, and irregularities due to the high temperatures needed to haze the glass. Meek Mirrors doesn’t extend its warranty to the tempered mirror’s surface quality. 

Does Meek Mirrors Have Any Special Warranties?

Meek Mirrors purchases specialty products with different warranties. For instance, select electric hand dryers come with a lifetime warranty. Meek Mirrors can advise you on these specialty products’ specifics.

Exceptions to Meek Mirrors Warranties

Below are situations where Meek Mirrors’ warranty won’t apply. 

  1. Improper Cleaning

Meek Mirrors’ warranty doesn’t cover damages resulting from improper mirror cleaning. If you purchase a wood-framed mirror, ensure you clean it like any other wood furniture.

Product damages from using corrosive cleaners, such as those containing bleach or ammonia, void the damage warranty and aren’t covered.

  1. Exposure to Harsh Environmental/ Chemical Conditions

Exposing Meek Mirrors products with stainless steel parts to harsh chemical or environmental conditions can cause rust or discoloration. Meek’s warranty doesn’t consider this to be material or workmanship defects since the product damage is caused by neglect and misuse. There isn’t an express or implied warranty for such damages.

  1. Improper Mounting

Meek Mirrors doesn’t cover product failure due to improper mounting of any Meek Mirrors manufactured or supplier product. Owners, installers, and general contractors must mount all products using the appropriate fastener to structurally safe surfaces.

Product installations must meet all local, federal, and state codes. Installations must also meet ADA and other building codes to ensure regulatory compliance.

  1. Damage Due to Theft, Vandalism, and Other Damage Types

Meek Mirrors’ warranties don’t cover damage caused by product vandalism or theft. In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover damages due to lost sales, lost profits, injury to property/person, or any other type of loss except for those mentioned above.

How to Claim Meek Mirrors’ Warranty

You can submit your warranty claim by calling Meek Mirrors. You may be required to attach a photo proof of the damage and return the defective item to the manufacturer.

If you’re required to return the defective item, take note that as the purchaser, you may be responsible for paying the return freight. Meek Mirrors will either replace or repair the product at its discretion.

Call Meek Mirrors at (479) 646-3466 or email them at sales2@meekmirrors.com with your warranty queries and concerns.

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