Benefits of Meek Channel Framed Mirrors

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A stainless steel framed mirror is much more appealing. The Channel mirror is especially suited for commercial as well as residential properties. The mirrors can be used in residential bathrooms as well as high traffic areas in retail spaces. The glass mirrors are framed inside stainless steel channels and galvanized steel for protection.

1.    High-Quality Product

When you work with a well-reputed company, you benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. For each product purchased, you get a warranty against defects in material and artistry. Warranty is a show of confidence by the manufacturer in the quality of their product.

2.    Comes with a Theft Resistant Mounting Bracket

Stainless Steel Channel Mirrors give you an easy installation because they come with a mounting bracket that’s non-visible for aesthetic appeal. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes through the mirror and running the risk of damaging it. The Meek Channel Mirror ® installs in two minutes.

3.    A Wide Variety to Choose From 

Meek Mirrors gives you a wide variety to choose from. These quality mirrors are handcrafted and constructed to a size of your choice. However, if you want the pre-framed mirrors, you can choose the 18″ wide by 24″ high mirror, 18″ wide by 30″ high mirror, the 18″ wide by 36″ high mirror or the 24″ wide by 36″ high mirror.

4.    Aesthetically Appealing 

The bright polish finish of these mirrors is unfading, making them both functional and aesthetically appealing. The non-directional finish makes the mirrors clear and pleasant to use. There is no coating or finishing material used to give the mirror reflectability.

5.    Safe and Secure 

The galvanized steel at the back of these mirrors have horizontal hanging brackets at the top and the bottom to secure your mirror on the wall. These brackets are positioned to ensure the mirror does not pull away from the wall.

Meek Channel Mirrors ® are also locking devices that secure the mirror to the concealed wall hanger. The upper and lower support members engage the backplate louver to ensure the mirror has been safely secured.

6.    Secured from Theft

The embossed theft-resistant pressure-activated clip included on these high-quality stainless steel mirrors ensures they cannot be lifted off their mount. Since the mirrors are designed to be used in public areas, this gives you peace of mind that no one will steal them. Channel framed mirrors are value-priced, and losing them is not a significant loss.

7.    Great Value Proposition

You are guaranteed to find these mirrors useful for 15 years or more before they sustain silver spoilage. The package comes in a double-layered PVC film that protects it during fabrication and installation.

8.    Easy to Install

A Meek’s Channel Mirror ® is easy to install, even with little experience. The process requires simple tools, and it won’t take you more than two minutes. Whether you are installing the mirror at home or the office, ensure you comply with local building codes.


Working with a well-known company, Meek Mirrors ensures high-quality products that will last for years. Reach out to Meek Mirrors today for more information on Meek Channel Frame Mirrors. ®

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