Top 2 Reasons Why Every Space is More Elegant with Mirrors

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Hanging an elegant mirror in your home or business can transform the space and make it look gorgeous! There are a few styling tips on where to place your mirror to maximize its use in multiple spaces. A large, sleek mirror handcrafted by Meek Mirrors can be used as an art piece on one of the walls in a business’s lobby area to create an elegant style or vibe. From a commercial design standpoint, retail mirrors dramatically enhance the store environment while focusing on customers’ attention.

1. Brightens up any Space From a Business’ Lobby to a Cozy Living Room

A mirror can brighten up the room and make any space look gorgeous. Having enough lighting in a room can make the place look clean and put together. A styling tip is not to set it facing another wall or ceiling. Always aim at setting up an elegant mirror to face an open space, an adjacent room or a window. This way the mirror can reflect light from the outside or another other room to make the room appear brighter. If you have a dark room with no windows a mirror would greatly benefit the space. The mirror will bounce off the light from other light fixtures, lamps, and the ceiling light to make the room appear brighter.

2. Makes an Office Space, as well as Homes, appear more stylish and elegant

Adding a personal style to your home or business can be done by hanging elegant mirrors at strategic places throughout. Mirrors not only help you ensure that your outfit is okay before leaving the house or a client walks in for a meeting, but they also work as a way to style your space. Elegant mirrors also can pull together your space if you are on a budget. Purchasing unique art pieces requires an investment and sometimes the budget just can’t cut it. By adding elegant mirrors to change the décor of a space it can be an extremely effective way to still show your personality. The variety of styles, shapes, and sizes that Meek Mirror’s offers also adds to the options for how to change up your wall. The key to making a mirror part of your business, school or home décor is looking at the frame. The frame is the defining element that will showcase your personality. The mirror frames come in different patterns, color, and material. If your space is styled to be more vintage then going for a rusty frame can blend into your whole house style.


Styling your home or business with a mirror shows that you can take a risk in décor. Also, it shows how sophisticated you can be when it comes to interior designing of your business and home. Meek Mirrors has been serving retail, commercial, and residential spaces with pristine quality mirrors and world-class service for over 50 years. Don’t hesitate to call today to enhance your space!

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