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We’re constantly bombarded with images, trademarks, and designs that are we consider iconic. You have your favorites. Perhaps it’s the Apple logo, Budweiser Clydesdale horses, Nike, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Columbia or Starbucks. Some of my favorites designs are from Coca Cola, Rolex, Eames, M&M, McDonald’s, and Porsche 911.

However, my absolute favorites are Meek’s Iconic Mirrors. Since 1961.

Meek’s Iconic Channel Mirror

In 1961 Robert Meek designed the channel mirror. I recall Meek’s channel frame from 1969 as a mechanic/gas pumper at a new Mobil gas station in Oklahoma City. As an OU, this was a good job. I remember the Meek mirror in the restrooms because I cleaned them. So, since 1961, Meek’s Iconic Channel Frame.

Meek’s Iconic Angle Frame

Mr. Meek has created the “Snap Frame” and began selling it throughout the US. As you can see from the logo below, it was ahead of its time. A design objective was to make this frame more profitable for glaziers. Shipping this frame without the glass saved the glazier money increased his profits. Customers loved the handcrafted, sanded and polished corners. Meek’s Iconic “Snap Frame”, still the original highest
quality angle frame mirror.

Meek Iconic Mirror ADA Mirror

The ADA mirror was designed with the same commitment to quality in both construction and the finest finish available. Meek’s extra hand work beautifully finishes the corners and the satin finished is still not matched. Iconic.

Meek is more than Iconic…. we’re innovative.

The challenge is to progress from the core iconic product line to new products and markets. Meek now manufactures LED lighted mirrors, laser etched products for both indoor and outdoor applications and stylish shelves. Meek’s innovations have led Meek to be the leading supplier of custom steel, wood, aluminum, lighted and glass products. Give us a call with your special architectural project.

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