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When it comes to commercial mirrors, your place of business should have the best. These commercial mirrors need to fit precise requirements and often need to be more durable as the mirrors will come in contact with more people throughout the day. You’ll also need a larger quantity of the mirrors. No matter the size of your facility or what you’re looking for, when it comes to the best company for commercial mirrors look no further than Meek Mirrors. 

Mirror Styles

Beyond the reflective surface of your mirror, there are also mirror styles you’ll want to consider. These styles allow you to present your mirror in several ways. The infinity floating mirror appears as an edge-less mirror that almost “floats” on the wall. It is an elegant design and yet structurally sound. It is made of a handcrafted stainless steel frame for improved durability. This particular mirror is designed with beveled glass to give you a beautiful finished look. 

If you want something a bit more traditional, you can go with the channel framed mirror. This is a budget-friendly mirror that still gives you an excellent look. Always a good option if your facility is more susceptible to any vandalism or tagging. Another option is the “Snap” frame. This frame is designed as a stainless steel mirror with all corners welded and polished to remove the miters. This offers a seamless appearance while giving your mirror a solid, structurally sound frame. 

If you’re going for a high-end mirror, you might want to consider a LED mirror. These mirrors are both elegant and energy-efficient. They flawlessly bring together cost-conscious options and upscale style.

Many Kinds Of Commercial Reflective Surfaces

If you haven’t been shopping for commercial mirrors before you may be surprised as to the different options available to you. Commercial mirrors are designed to be far more structurally sound than your standard residential mirror. This is because you’ll often have hundreds of people coming into the restroom or interacting with the mirror. There’s no telling what might happen in front of the mirror, but you need to make sure the mirror is protected. This is why you’ll find a number or reflective options available through Meek Mirrors. 

Some of the reflective surface options include a more standard tempered mirror, as well as aluminum, acrylic, laminated, polycarbonate, and others. If you’re not sure which reflective surface works best for your particular environment, make sure to contact the team at Meek Mirrors. They will sit down and work with you on what kind of foot traffic you experience and also how this foot traffic interacts with your mirror. By knowing the best option available, you’ll find it easier to select then the specific reflective surface that works for you. 

Discover The Right Mirror For Your Business Today

When it comes to high-quality commercial mirrors for your place of business, Meek Mirrors has you covered. From lighted mirrors to ordering large quantities of mirrors at once, you’ll find everything you might need at Meek Mirrors. With a team of customer service professionals ready to help you with finding what fits your place of business. Simply send Meek Mirrors an email, give them a call, or take advantage of the live support feature right on the website at your earliest convenience. 

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