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America wants to buy from the veteran. The Armed Forces have supported the freedoms of the United States and its citizens since the 1700s and now American’s want to return their support by supporting veteran-owned, small businesses with products made in the USA. Meek Mirrors is a business that fulfills both important features: veteran-owned and operated and products made within the USA.

Why Buy Veteran?

Currently, there are well over 3 million veteran-owned businesses within the United States, employing almost 6 million citizens and representing over $1 trillion in sales. While veterans only comprise 8-percent of the population, they represent 30% of all business owners. This is due to the hard work, discipline, integrity, prioritization, and dedication required to operate a small business in which the military shares these same core values. With so many small businesses like Meek Mirrors, it is crucial to continue to support veterans by purchasing the products they sell and the services they provide. In return, veterans
benefit from the sale and revenue while you, as a consumer, will feel like you are helping to thank U.S. service members in return and receive an outstanding product in the process. By shopping veteran, you will receive a high level of service and results while setting the stage for more veterans to execute their business ideas and give back to the community.

Meek Mirrors Products

Handcrafted, veteran-owned, and made in the USA, Meek Mirrors are everything you are looking for in high-quality, and highly-durable mirrors and glass products. With mirrors placed in residential and commercial buildings across the U.S. Meek Mirrors has 50-years of experience under its belt to fine-tune the quality that you can experience today. Some of their most popular products include:

ADA Fixed Tilt Mirror

The ADA Fixed Tilt Mirror is a chic addition to any room, business, or residence. With an ergonomic design that tilts toward the user, the Fixed Tilt Mirror is a great option for assisted living facilities, schools, and restaurants. Constructed from 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel with hand-welded and polished corners, this mirror is exceptionally durable and withstand years of use. The theft-resistant concealed mounting ensures the mirror is immovable. Meek Mirrors
offers the design in a bright or satin finish with a powder-coated frame (if desired), standard sizes and all eight mirror options, including:

Category II tape-backed
Plate glass
Stainless steel

Angle Frame Mirror

The Angle Frame Mirror is an original Meek Mirrors patented mirror that was first launched in 1961 and continues to be popular today! The Angle Frame Mirror is best in commercial restrooms and buying in bulk will ensure you receive the same mirror with the same hand-crafted quality every time. Built from 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel, this mirror is theft-resistant, hand-welded with polished corners, and available in a bright or satin finish, powder-coated frames, standard and custom sizes, and eight mirror options.

Channel Frame Mirror

As one of their most popular and economical mirror options, the Channel Frame Mirror is the best option for any commercial, industrial, or residential environment. For commercial and industrial usage, this is a great mirror to purchase in bulk to ensure uniformity. In smaller spaces, like a residential bathroom, this is an excellent option to use a high-quality mirror daily. Best of all, the Channel Frame Mirror installs in only two-minutes and can be replaced in just one minute. Constructed from 304 stainless steel, the Channel Frame Mirror can be purchased in standard-sized with the eight mirror glazing options.

Frameless Mirrors

If you are looking for a single order home mirror, then a frameless mirror is your best bet. Since there is no frame, it fits with any bathroom décor. Meek Mirrors offers this design with a beveled edge, pencil polished edge, or a flat polished edge so you can choose which option best fits your bathroom. Best of all, the frameless mirror is simple to install with metal or plastic clips, stand-offs, mastic, and an aluminum j-channel.

Infinity Mirror

Chic, modern, and beautiful, the Infinity Mirror is an excellent option for apartments, hotels, office buildings, and retail locations. This floating mirror features a customizable frame depth and is available in polished plate glass or beveled edges. The Infinity Mirror is constructed from #4 satin finished hemmed edges around the perimeter and 24-gauge, 304 stainless steel making it theft-resistant. If you have his and hers sink in your home, these mirrors blend perfectly with any décor and can match over each sink.

Surveillance Mirrors

Meek Mirrors offers two types of surveillance mirrors: convex and dome. The convex mirror is an excellent choice if you have a location in your warehouse or building that is difficult to see oncoming traffic. This mirror type removes the danger and helps prevent collisions in areas of high traffic like at a hospital, prison, commercial facility, clinic, and industrial warehouse. These mirrors are available in a circular or rectangular shape and deliver a 160-degree viewpoint around obstacles and are great for indoor and outdoor use. The dome surveillance mirror offers similar visibility with an indoor focus. Mounted to
the ceiling, Meek Mirrors offers this mirror in the quarter, half, and full-dome styles for l-way, way, and 4-way views and can be hung flush to a ceiling or vertically against a wall. The mirror is also available in a high-impact plastic or all-steel reflector, depending on the requirement.

Meek Mirrors Green Initiative

In addition to providing high-quality and hand-crafted mirrors, Meek Mirrors is now utilizing LED energy-efficient fixtures to decrease electricity usage by over 20%. In June 2020, Meek Mirrors has finalized all lighting products to hold a CRI of 90, all while maintaining their high level of quality.

Meek Mirrors has been providing residents and businesses around the United States with high-quality mirrors for over 50-years. This veteran-owned business ensures every mirror that leaves the manufacturing facility is of the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. Every employee is proud of their work at Meek Mirrors, so you know the quality must be exceptional!

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