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Meek Mirrors is a world leader in making products in the United States and whose quality is truly unmatched. In this post, we will be discussing the contemporary stainless steel framed mirror.

What is a contemporary stainless steel framed mirror?

This mirror stands out from its competitors. As the name suggests, this Satin Finish stainless steel framed mirror has a large, customizable frame that is virtually indestructible, Having this mirror would be a must-have as it is an absolute steal of a deal.


The utility and standout features 

The product is quite a handy product that can be an apt addition to your office, restaurants, or hotels depending on what is ideal for you.

As we said, this is an elegant item that stands out from the crowd. There are salient features that make this mirror a must-have in your establishment. The following are the reasons it will stand the test of time:


  • Quick & Easy Install

This unit uses Meek Mirror’s patented mounting system for easy installation in 2 minutes.


  • Warranty feature

Meek Mirror being sure of the product quality have an extended warranty feature.

Warranty against workman defects: there is a guaranteed 12 months warranty against mirrors that were severely manufactured. If there is any defect within the period, such mirrors will be replaced at no cost.


However, if the damage has been due to improper cleaning of the mirror through corrosive products or if the mirror was improperly installed or mounted using substandard materials, such shall not be covered.


Long-term warranty: the company also has a 15-year warranty against any spoilage. The company doesn’t cover any spoilage that is occasioned by improper usage and cleaning. As a tip, water is the recommended solution to be used to clean your mirror.


Advantages of contemporary stainless steel framed mirror

Apart from the unbeatable fact that this mirror cannot be broken, other advantages are:


  1. Customizable mirrors:

The mirrors are not sold in one fit-all size; therefore, they can be tailor-made to fit any client’s unique desires.

  1. Powder-coated frames:

As mirrors are prone to smudges that can be very irritating and obscure the view, this mirror was made to remedy that issue.

  1. Theft resistant:

The contemporary stainless steel framed mirror has an antitheft measure through its concealed mountings. Therefore, once you have purchased it, you are comforted that it will not be easily stolen.

  1. Durability

The mirror is made out of steel which indicates that the product will last long.


Contemporary stainless steel framed mirror from Meek Mirrors

Are you in the market for a stainless steel framed mirror? Meek Mirrors would provide you with a stainless steel framed mirror corrosive-free despite the moisture from the bathroom. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your office or restaurant with our handcrafted quality products!

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