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Even as the COVID 19 vaccine continues to roll out, you can never be too careful. Handcrafted sanitizing station trays from Meek Mirrors are designed for public institutions, schools, and offices. Our handcrafted sanitizing station tray is customized to suit different occasions. For instance, if you are looking to have several sanitizing station trays with unique designs featuring your organization’s brand, the Meek Mirrors hand sanitizing tray helps you deliver uniqueness.

What is a Handcrafted Sanitizing Station Tray?

A handcrafted sanitizing station tray is a customized holder that helps you accessorize your hand sanitizer station or bathroom. Whether you are looking to combat the COVID 19 pandemic or keep the seasonal flu at bay, a handcrafted tray helps you accessorize, thus minimizing exposure to illnesses.

As more businesses reopen their doors after the wake of the pandemic, adhering to public safety health strategies is more crucial more than ever. You’d want to feel comfortable as you walk into an organization. Better yet, you’d want to have a sanitization tray that’s custom-made to your needs. The handcrafted sanitizing stand allows proper access to sanitization measures while delivering uniqueness to your business or home.

Why Use a Handcrafted Sanitizing Station

A handcrafted sanitizing station tray delivers sanitation that extends sanitization beyond the traditional approach. Some of the features of the Handcrafted Sanitizing Station include:

  • The sturdy and movable tray is made from durable stainless steel. The Handcrafted Sanitizing Station can be used in any setting, public or indoors.
  • The durable and robust station is perfect for locations where soap and water are accessible. The tray holds the soap and other accessories in place as you clean up.
  • The Handcrafted Sanitizing Station tray is compatible with different dispensers. It’s easy to install and comes with a customized design to hold your select items, including masks, gloves, and other accessories.
  • It doesn’t require extra tooling to install the hand sanitizing station tray.
  • Meek Mirror offers different hand sanitizer station trays for different occasions. Each model is designed to keep your hand sanitizer station accessorized.

Benefits of the Handcrafted Sanitizing Station Tray

From stainless steel finish to a powder coated color finish, Meek Mirrors features a handful of long-lasting, durable options for your tray.

  1. Easy clean

Even in the cleanest environments, there is the possibility of something soiling the cleanliness. The easy-to-clean sanitizer tray does not leave behind stains after cleaning up.

  1. Easy to Install

The easy to install tray makes it easier to accessorize your bathroom in simple steps. Our experts are more than happy to help take you through the installation process.

  1. Customizable

Whether you need a stainless steel tray or powder coated tray, Meek Mirrors has a variety to keep your options limitless.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Handcrafted sanitizing stations are made from recyclable materials. The handmade trays are environmentally friendly compared to mass production. Along with the eco-friendly benefits, they can be used with any products without affecting the trays.

  1. Unique

If nothing else, get handcrafted trays from Meek Mirrors for uniqueness. The handmade trays are made to suit different needs. At Meek Mirrors, we understand personal expression and style are essential to any brand. We strive to deliver unique hand sanitizing trays.

Handcrafted Sanitizing Station Tray from Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors offers the perfect solutions to make your lifestyle more comfortable. At Meek Mirrors, our workforce is committed to providing excellent services. We offer direct and indirect support services to customers. We always come up with new products geared towards making your lifestyle grander. Check out our website for more details on our handcrafted sanitizing station tray.


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