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A mirror is a fascinating element in any interior décor. It represents a central and functional feature that can alter the overall appearance of a room completely. Mirrors come in multiple shapes and designs.  If you, however, want to add a unique twist of style in your indoor environment, choose Hand-Crafted Mirrors from Meek Mirrors. Some of the mirror types are described below:

Frameless Mirrors   

These mirrors can provide a spectacular touch of elegance to any wall. They provide you with an edge to edge reflection, allowing you to see every aspect of your image. Frameless mirrors are especially ideal for tight spaces as they allow tight-fitting installation. They are also sufficiently versatile to be used in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. These mirrors represent an excellent option for people who are looking to make a room appear bigger. They provide a virtual double room by creating a reflection of the entire space. They also come in many shapes and sizes to suit the specific requirements of any room in which you want to install them.

LED Light Mirrors

Following many years of innovation, LED lighted mirrors have finally become a popular option for adding a practical and decorative element in both commercial and residential buildings. LED light mirrors provide you with clear reflection, even in dark rooms. You may choose backlit or side-lit handmade mirrors to provide you with diverse lighting options. You may also select from a wide array of frosted designs to suit your indoor décor. These lights can either be designed to follow the entire shape of the mirror or come fitted on a single side or two. LED lighted mirrors are an excellent addition to bathrooms, hallways, and dressing areas.

Aluminum Mirrors

You may now express your love for elaborate designs through a charming aluminum wall mirror. These mirrors often come with distressed, hammered, or burnished detailing. You may also get some with a clean look or a rust-brown trim from which you may choose depending on the needs of your interior décor. Also, you can have Meek Mirrors create any shape and design you desire. The aluminum material can be molded into numerous forms to add an antique appeal to your Hand-Crafted Mirrors.

ADA Adjustable Tilt Mirror

This mirror is characterized by an elegant frame that features a tilting design, allowing you to variate your view to your preferred direction. Tilt mirrors provide complete visibility regardless of the angle from which you look at them, which makes them ideal for areas with complicated viewpoints. They are especially ideal for installing above the sink and low countertops. This product complies with ADA standards and is made with a quality assurance that this product will last for years to come!

Wood Framed Mirrors

With a capacity to create large to small frames with a myriad of designs & finishes, wood-framed mirrors give you the most options to choose from. They provide a timeless design that can go well with both traditional and contemporary décors. Meek Mirrors may also model wood to create any decorative design, ranging from simple to contemporary.  The frames come in various shapes and may also be treated to resist water, which makes them ideal for bathrooms and countertops. Wood also provides an excellent framing material for full view mirrors.

Modern mirrors do more than merely provide you with a reflection of yourself and surroundings; they also act as decorative features that can add style to any interior décor. Whether you need a full view, dressing, or countertop mirror, Meek Mirrors will provide you with a wide assortment of designs from which you can choose. From this company, you may get Hand-Crafted Mirrors with well-thought-out designs and shapes to suit your specific décor requirements.

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