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Meek Mirrors designs high-quality mirrors with energy-efficient LED lights.  This enables them to give a clear, crisp reflection even in dark spaces. The mirrors are great for use in public facilities such as stadium washrooms and learning institutions. They are extremely robust for use in commercial buildings yet elegant enough to be used in lighting bathrooms and other rooms at home.

Product Features:

  • ¼ LED mirrors with polished edges
  • stainless steel mounting base and hangers
  • energy-efficient LED lights

Product Description

Meek Mirrors LED lighted mirrors are the perfect mirrors to use on your commercial or residential property because they produce enough light even in dark conditions. Our LED mirrors come with 3000K, 4000K, 5000K or 6000K LED lighting. Each mirror has a 12-volt constant driver integrated into the wall unit. LED lighted mirrors can be sidelit or backlit and have different frosting options.

The LED lights and screws can easily be replaced with Meek Mirrors plug and play system. Meanwhile, the power cords come with the standard US plug or hard-wired. Our custom-sized LED mirrors are manufactured to order. Currently, we have over 1,000 LED mirrors in stock.

Caring for LED Lighted Mirrors

Use a damp lint-free cloth and clean the surface lightly. Never use chemicals or abrasive material on the mirror. Using such cleaners will void all the warranties and guarantees.

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors makes handcrafted mirrors for use in commercial, residential, and public restrooms. The mirrors are handcrafted using our patented Theft Proof Snap Mirror Frame technology to meet the needs of various applications. This makes them suitable for use in institutional or public facilities where the risk of tampering is high.

Since its foundation in 1961, Meek Mirrors high quality mirrors have been installed in over two million locations around the US. Meek Mirrors is a locally owned business with all its production, marketing, sales, and administrative functions located in Fort Smith, AR. Meek Mirrors is a true reflection of high-quality craftmanship.

We prioritize customer satisfaction to make sure all our customers are happy with our products. We guarantee our mirrors against spoilage for fifteen years, while the mounting brackets and frames come with a one-year guarantee. Call today or pass by our office to talk to our friendly staff about the specifications for your led lighted mirrors.

Stock products ship in 48 hours. However, custom orders may take from two to six weeks. Since Meek Mirrors is centrally located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, our carriers can deliver to most US states within two days.  Contact us to discuss our LED lighted mirror options.



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