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Meek Mirrors LED mirrors are highly polished mirrors with energy-efficient LED lights. They have a stainless steel wall-mounted base and stainless steel hangers. LED mirrors are elegant and robust. LED mirrors provide a crisp, clear reflection even in dark or poorly lit facilities. They are perfect for embellishing commercial, institutional and residential restrooms. Meek Mirrors manufacturers both side-lit and back-lit LED mirrors. This means you will find a LED mirror that suits your lighting needs.


  • LED mirrors to come with backlighting or side lighting with several frosting options
  • The LED lights can be either 3000K (amber) or 5000K (white)
  • The lights and drivers are easy to replace with the inbuilt plug and play system
  • Power cords can be standard US plugs or hard wired

Technical Details
LED lighted mirrors are 1/4” (6mm) locally manufactured mirrors with polished edges. They come with a wall-mounted base made of 18 gauge stainless steel and 18 gauge stainless steel hangers. The LED lighting is surface mounted and features 3000K or 5000K 12-volt constant volt driver integrated into the wall mount. The input voltage is 100V 60Hz while the output voltage is 12V DC. The LED mirrors are amenable to hardwired installation. Buyers can request a standard US plug

Caring for LED Lighted Mirrors
Clean the mirror by pressing a damp lint-free cloth on the surface. Avoid cleaning with chlorine-based solvents, abrasive material, or chemical glass cleaners. Never spray the mirror. Using adverse cleaners will void the warranties and guarantees.

All LED lighted mirrors to have a one-year guarantee against defects in the materials or design. They also have a two-year warranty against mirror spoilage. Installers and cleaners should be careful because improper installation and handling void the warranty.

About Meek Mirrors
Meek Mirrors is a veteran-owned small business based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The company has been making handcrafted mirrors since 1961 and is the proud designer of the patented Theft Proof Snap Mirror Frame. The design makes them tamper and theft-resistant and suitable for use in high-traffic commercial and institutional facilities.

Meek Mirrors handcrafted mirrors have been installed in over two million facilities in the US. Meek Mirrors highly values its customers and strives to make sure you are happy with the product. We have standard mirror designs but also take custom orders.

Order standard or custom-made Meek Mirrors LED mirrors now. We ship standard products in less than 48 hours while custom orders may take two to six weeks, depending on the volume.

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