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Does your bathroom lack sufficient natural light? A LED mirror is the perfect installation for such a bathroom to allow for more lighting and add an aesthetic appeal. At Meek Mirrors, we design and manufacture top-of-the-line custom LED mirrors. Find out more below about our LED mirrors at Meek Mirrors.

What Are LED Mirrors?

These are ordinary mirrors installed with additional LED lights to add extra lighting or add an appeal to the interior décor. LED mirrors are currently among common mirrors and decoration elements. They are mostly installed in poorly lit rooms or bathrooms. Rest assured, the LED mirrors give a subtle yet sufficient light making it easier to perform any task needing a well-lit reflection.

We make the best quality LED mirrors to suit your various needs. Generally, LED mirrors are categorized two ways:

  1. Side-Lit LED mirrors
  2. Back-Lit LED mirrors.

Features of the LED Mirrors

Properties that make our LED mirrors stand out include:

  1. ¼“ mirror with polished edges. The mirror is reasonably thin, meaning it doesn’t take up plenty of space. Coupled with the well-polished edges, which play a huge part in the aesthetic appeal, the LED mirror is automatically the best installation for a dull-looking bathroom.
  2. Energy-efficient LED lights. The LED lights are generally energy-efficient, making them a cost-effective way to light up your room.
  3. Stainless steel installation. The LED mirrors feature a stainless steel wall-mounted base as well as stainless steel hangers. The stainless steel installation adds an element of strength and durability.
  4. It can either be back-lit or side-lit. Depending on your bathroom’s size, interior décor, or other personal factors, you can order your LED mirror either as side or back-lit.

The LED mirror systems’ power cords come hard-wired with the option of a standard US plug. Contact our mirror experts to find out more about our LED mirrors and how we can customize their features to suit your specifications.

Advantages of LED Mirrors

Here are reasons to consider and install LED mirrors:

  • Availability of customization options. At Meek Mirrors, our LED mirrors can either be back-lit or side-lit with various frosting options. Additionally, the LED lighting can either be 300k, 400k, 500k or 600k.
  • Easy to install and replace. The lights and the driver are easy to install and replace using Meek Mirrors’ plug-and-play system.

With over a thousand LED mirrors in stock, we can supply you with the perfect option for your bathroom installation. Do you have any size specifications? Our custom-sized LED mirrors are made to order at our Arkansas facility. Call us to order your LED mirrors today.

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