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Glazing is a mirror effect that gives it extra style, character, and functionality. Mirror glazing options come in different types. At Meek Mirrors, we offer different mirror glazing options to meet different customer needs and customization specifications.

These include:

Stainless Steel Mirror

#8 Stainless Steel Mirror is buffed to the highest-grade stainless steel to create reflective finishes mimicking a traditional mirror. It is worth noting that we design our stainless steel mirror is designed to surpass strength and durability expectations.

Plate Glass Mirror

Typically considered the best mirror glazing option, our plate glass mirror is ¼” glass featuring a silver back surface coating. The coating produces images by reflection and has, by default, the best reflective quality.

Laminated Mirror

Our laminated mirror comprises two glass pieces with a vinyl layer separating the two. One of the glass pieces has a mirror coating.

Tempered Mirror

It features a safety option altering the glass structure, thus making it break into tiny pieces instead of large jagged pieces common in plate glass breakage. A tempered mirror typically has some distortion as a result of its production process.

Category II Tape-Backed Mirror

This standard ¼” plate glass mirror has a category II tape backing. A category II tape-backed mirror means it serves the same purpose as a tempered mirror.

Polycarbonate Mirror

A polycarbonate mirror is ideally a plastic mirror designed to be softer than acrylic mirrors to allow for flexibility. A polycarbonate mirror is highly lightweight and provides top-notch optical clarity. More importantly, a polycarbonate mirror is virtually unbreakable.

Acrylic Mirror

An acrylic mirror is highly lightweight and unbreakable, just like a plate glass mirror. Additionally, the mirror is more susceptible to scratches unless you are keen on proper maintenance and reducing the risks of scratches. To minimize the risks of scratches on the acrylic mirror, ensure you clean it with a very soft cloth and water.

Aluminum Mirror

The aluminum mirror features a 100% recycled sturdy core. As such, we consider it an innovative green product designed for sustainable construction. In front of the mirror is an aluminum reflective outer surface, while an aluminum matte finish is at the back. An aluminum mirror is virtually unbreakable.

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-end mirrors and related products in the US. Our product development and manufacturing steps involve thorough efforts to ensure the end products match quality standards and customer expectations.

Furthermore, our mirror experts have years of individual and combined experience, which combines with their expertise to ensure customer satisfaction. Do you have any mirror specifications you would like met?

At Meek Mirrors, we also handcraft and customize every product for residential, commercial, or industrial installations. We can design and craft your mirrors to meet the exact sizes and specifications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or browse our assortment of products.

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