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Frameless Mirrors

Mirror designs come in an abundance of options. The two top choices are framed and frameless mirrors—with the frameless design gaining wide popularity in luxury and contemporary homes.

Are you looking for mirrors with clean and crisp edges? Our Meek Mirrors classic frameless mirrors are the perfect mirror installation for any space. Designed for maximum functionality, visibility, and aesthetic appeal, our classic frameless mirrors can transform small-fitting spaces into well-lit and beautiful spaces. Read below to find out more.

Frameless Mirror Features

  1. ¼” Thickness

The mirror’s small thickness dimension makes it perfect for spaces with small dimensions. The thickness makes it ideal for tight-fitting installations to save on space while maximizing the available space.

  1. Clean Edges and No Frills

The classic frameless mirror has crisp and clean edges with no unnecessary decorations. It is perfect for any interior home décor since it can match any other fixture installation. This minimalistic feature gives the classic frameless mirror a luxurious feel.

  1. Installation Options

The Meek Mirrors classic frameless mirror is available in different edge options, including:

  • Flat polished edge
  • Pencil polished edge
  • Beveled edge.

We also provide mirror mastic and J molding to ensure the perfect frameless mirror installation.

Pros of the Frameless Mirror

  1. Easy to Install

The classic frameless mirror from Meek Mirrors comes with a quick installation kit. In addition, the frameless mirror also comes with multiple mounting options, including:

  • Aluminum J-channel
  • Clips (plastic or metal)
  • Mastic
  • Standoffs.

The quick installation kit and the mounting options allow for a quick and easy mirror installation.

  1. Flexibility

The classic frameless mirror is easy to install regardless of the size of the surface, from small dimensions to large rooms with plenty of spaces. Additionally, you can install it on any residential, industrial, or commercial property. It is perfect for housing projects, retail, gyms, dorms, apartments, hotels, and motels.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

The frameless adds simplicity to any space. Its minimalistic design with no frills also gives it a slightly luxurious impression, making it an ideal piece of home décor. It makes the perfect combination with high-quality lighting fixtures.

  1. Increased Functionality

The classic frameless mirror guarantees maximum visibility ensured by its frameless nature. The lack of frames on the mirror allows for edge-to-edge reflection and full-width visibility. These features make the frameless mirror perfect for bathrooms and personal grooming spaces.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Framed accessories typically have different materials, which could be a combination of wood, metallic, or vinyl. On the other hand, the frameless mirror is a simple large glass piece, making it easy to clean and maintain. More importantly, its lack of frames means it doesn’t hide germs, mold, bacteria, etc., making it a hygienic solution.

  1. Makes Your Space Bigger

The frameless mirror gives your room the illusion of extra space. As such, it is an impressive hack for smaller bathrooms.

  1. Customizable Orders

Do you have any size restrictions for the installation surfaces? Fortunately, our frameless mirror comes in made-to-order custom sizes, allowing even for tight-fitting installations. You can also order the classic frameless mirror in single unit order. Alternatively, order them in bulk for higher volume needs.

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The classic Meek Mirrors frameless mirror is an impressive addition to virtually any surface. Its minimalistic design makes it space-saving and the perfect addition to a wall with décor.

Our mirror experts handcraft and polish every frameless mirror order leaving our Arkansas shop. Contact us to custom order or request a quote for your frameless mirror.

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