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Selecting the right mirror to suit your needs can be a harrowing task. You are bombarded with a wide variety of choices, all equally good. Adding to the pressure is the lack of knowledge on the best mirror for your personal or work place. Luckily, Meek Mirrors has a blueprint on how to determine which type of LED mirror is best for you.

Are Side-Lit Mirrors and Back-Lit Mirrors Right for You?

Back-lit and side mirrors are commonly used in bathrooms. Back-lit mirrors have the light behind the mirror & the lighting comes out the face of the mirror through the frosting. Side-lit mirrors have the lighting on the outside of the pan where illumination is t the edge of the mirror.  The light shines on the sides, highlighting the perimeter of the mirror. The subtle yet sufficient light makes it easier to shave, apply make-up, and everything else in front of a well-lit reflection.

Whether you want your bathroom to stand out or prefer side-lit and back-lit mirrors to hanging lights, Meek Mirrors provides a reliable solution. Here’s why side-lit and back-lit mirrors might be the glow your bathroom needs.

  1. Allows more Space

The modern touch of side-lit and back-lit mirrors makes them thinner than other mirror styles. No matter the size of your bathroom, you can always use a little more space. Side-lit and back-lit mirrors are game-changers. They help bounce light and expand the sense of space of the room without affecting your square footage. To make the most out of your bathroom, our experts help you strategically place your mirror to enlarge and brighten your room.

  1. More Stylish

If you have been thinking of revamping your bathroom space, side-lit and back-lit mirrors are an easy way to accomplish this. There are many ways you can modify your bathroom to look elegant.

Adding a touch of LED lights behind and beside your mirror tends to leave the space looking tasteful without breaking the bank. Whether you are renting or own a home, Meek Mirrors helps elevate your favorite unwinding space with side-lit and back-lit mirrors.

  1. Proper Lighting

Even with small bathrooms, side-lit and back-lit mirrors make a significant impact. Bathrooms are sanctuaries –a retreat where you get to reflect your moods and take care of your daily functions. Installing side-lit and back-lit mirrors improves your overall functionality and adds interest to your space. LED lights highlight other features in your bathroom.

Advantages of Side-lit and Back-lit Mirrors

You don’t need a large budget to make your bathroom luxurious. With the right professional help, accessorizing your bathroom on a budget is easy. Side-lit and back-lit mirrors are the easiest way to transform plain bathroom space into high-end bathrooms. Apart from turning your bathroom into a showpiece, here are some of the advantages of side-lit and back-lit mirrors.

No shadows: regular mirrors are likely to create shadows. Side-lit and back-lit mirrors illuminate your entire face.

More savings: LED lighting is known for its energy-efficiency. The lifespan of the back and side lights helps avoid regular light change.

Add-ons: Meek Mirrors provide a variety of options and features, including anti-fog add-ons.

Flexible power options: The power cords can be hardwired or have a standard US plug.

Reliable Side-lit and Back-Lit mirrors from Meek Mirrors

If you are looking for simple ways to give your home a facelift, start with your bathroom. Meek Mirrors provides different side-lit and back-lit LED mirror sizes to keep your bathroom creative. If you plan to revamp your bathroom, Meek Mirrors provides side-lit and back-lit mirrors you will appreciate. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your bathroom.


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