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Safety is crucial in private or public bathrooms to prevent slip and fall accidents. Besides installing non-slip floors, grab bars can help reduce bathroom slip and fall accidents. Contact Meek Mirrors to order your stainless steel grab bars.

Uses of Grab Bars

Also known as safety rails, handrails, or shower bars, grab bars are secure rails mounted to walls. Grab bars help physically challenged persons access and navigate rooms and facilities effortlessly.

Grab bars come in various sizes and capacities. They are common around toilets, showers, changing tables, sinks, and other essential facilities that may pose an accessibility challenge to individuals with limited mobility, strength, or balance.

Grab bars are essential in commercial spaces, bathrooms, or generally spaces with high foot traffic. Grab bars in public/ commercial spaces, such as public restrooms or hospitals/ care facilities, help provide support and balance to individuals looking to access key features like toilets. Meek Mirrors’ grab bars can withstand different pressure exertion levels in commercial spaces and bathrooms.

Features of the Grab Bars

  1. Simple and Functional Design. All parts of the grab bars are heliarc welded to form a single complete unit. Furthermore, all bends are 90° with 1½ standard wall clearance.
  2. Different Sizes. Meek Mirrors stainless steel grab bars come in sizes ranging from 12” to 48” in 1½” tubing.
  3. Stainless steel. Meek Mirrors uses high-quality materials to craft its products. The Type 304 stainless steel used ensures extra strength and durability of the grab bars.

Advantages of the Grab Bars

Below are reasons to purchase and install Meek Mirrors’ grab bars.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing finish. The grab bar features a No.4 satin finish, giving the grab some extra visual appeal. It also has a clean, minimalistic device, especially since the installation screws are concealed.
  2. Functional strength. This stainless steel grab bar can withstand pulls over 1,300 pounds when installed correctly.
  3. Ease of installation. The snap-lock flange is a direct-to-wall design that is an improvement in the ease of installation. The manufacturer also provides screws for the installation process.
  4. 1-year guarantee. Meek Mirrors can give you a one-year guarantee on the grab bar against defects in workmanship and materials.
  5. Perfect for Commercial and Residential Spaces. The stainless steel grab bars can work well in commercial or residential spaces and public restrooms. Their impressive tensile strength makes them perfect for commercial spaces with high foot traffic. They can be installed near toilets, showers, bathtubs, etc.

Meek Mirrors–The Leading Mirror and Bathroom Product Manufacturer

Meek Mirrors is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality mirrors in the US. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors designs, handcrafts, and supplies mirrors and related products for the global market.

Perks of ordering your residential or commercial mirrors from Meek Mirrors include customized orders, an unlimited range of products, high-quality products, and quality assurance. Meek Mirrors’ stainless steel grab bars are the best in the market and among competitors. Order your grab bars today.


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