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Are you looking for an economical mirror option? The frameless mirrors are at the top of the line for individuals with premium tastes and strict budgets. Whether for residential, industrial, or commercial buildings, frameless mirrors from Meek Mirrors are the best economical mirror choice for installation. Contact us to order the frameless mirror and give your space an impressive facelift on a budget.

What Makes the Mirror Stand Out?

Meek Mirrors classic frameless mirrors are the epitome of elegance and a spectacular addition to any wall space. As the industry-leading mirror manufacturer in the US, Meek Mirrors uses top-of-the-line products, and tools to handcraft and polish the frameless mirrors to perfection.

The frameless mirrors feature crisp and clean edges and allow for full-width visibility and edge-to-edge reflection. Here are the unique features of the Meek Mirrors frameless mirrors.

  1. ¼” thickness. This measurement helps in space savings and results in an extra aesthetic appeal.
  2.  It has three edge options: a flat polished edge, a pencil edge, and a 1” beveled edge.

Benefits of the Frameless Mirrors

Here are reasons to purchase frameless mirrors for your residential or commercial space.

  • Easy installation. The frameless mirrors are easy to install with several mounting options, including plastic/metal clips, aluminum j-channel, standoff, and mastic. Ease of installation also, the frameless mirror is easy to dismount and replace.
  • Custom sizing. The frameless mirrors from Meek Mirrors are made-to-order custom sizes. Rest assured, we can fulfill any size specifications you have.
  • Ideal for differently-sized surfaces. Do you have limited installation space for your mirror? Meek Mirrors’ frameless mirrors can perfectly fit areas with small/ limited dimensions. As such, you can also order custom-sized frameless mirrors to fit even larger surfaces.
  • Economical. The frameless mirrors are made with high-quality limited material without compromising on quality. It is one of the most economical mirror choices from Meek Mirrors. As such, it is perfect for large installations, such as in commercial or industrial settings. However, frameless mirrors are also perfect for residential installations.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and high-quality. The frameless mirror is designed with crisp and clean edges giving it a top-notch visual appeal. It is also handcrafted using the best materials, thus ensuring quality. Its simple design gives it a premium edge and feel. The frameless mirrors can match any home or office decor.
  • Versatile. Meek Mirrors’ frameless mirrors are perfect on any surface–whether in housing projects, retail, hotels, motels, dorms, apartments, and gyms.

Due to its economical nature, you can order the frameless mirror in a single unit order or in bulk for higher volume needs. Purchasing frameless mirrors in bulk increases your cost savings if you’re looking for commercial bathroom mirrors.

Order Meek Mirrors Frameless Mirrors Today

Order our frameless mirror or contact us to learn more about this product or how we can help complete your space with high-quality, economical mirror choices.

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