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Floating shelves are among the most versatile shelving options available for your interior space.

They are functional and help increase storage space. Stainless steel shelves are particularly a popular homeowner’s choice for storage and display needs.

Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors is a leading American manufacturer of stainless steel shelves, among other products, such as high-quality mirrors. Find out more about Meek’s stainless steel shelves.

Types of Stainless Steel Shelves at Meek Mirrors

Meek manufactures and supplies three unique types of stainless steel shelves, namely:

  1. Stainless Steel Skyway Shelf

Made in the USA, the stainless Steel Skyway Shelf features a 1½” backsplash between the top of the shelf and the frame’s bottom. This feature allows you the benefits of easy cleaning and shelf maintenance.

The Stainless Steel Skyway Shelf also features a ½” drop edge with the front edge hemmed. The front-edge hemming imparts strength to the metal edge whilst improving its appearance.

Additional Features of the Stainless Steel Skyway Shelf

  • The Skyway Shelf comes in either a M3200 Bright Finish or a M3210 Satin Finish.
  • In addition, it can mount independently or behind Meek’s M1200/M1210 angle snap framed mirror and M1500/M1510 channel framed mirror.
  • The Skyway Shelf is also constructed from a Type 304, 18-gauge stainless steel for extra strength and durability.
  1. Stainless Steel Integral Shelf

Made in the USA, Meek Mirrors’ Stainless Steel Integral Shelf features a ½” drop edge with the front-edge hemmed. The front-edge hemming improves the appearance of the parts while reinforcing part edges.

You can order the Stainless Steel Integral Shelf in standard or custom widths.

Additional Features of the Integral Shelf

  1. The shelf is made from 18-gauge, type 304 stainless steel.
  2. The Integral Shelf mounts flush with the bottom of the angle frame.
  3. The Integral Shelf comes in either a M3100 Bright Finish or M3110 Satin Finish.

You can mount the Integral Shelf behind Meek’s M1200/1210 angle snap framed mirror and M1100/M1110 angle snap frame. Also, you can upgrade the shelf for welded or polished corners.

  1. Stainless Steel Skyline Shelf

Also made in the USA, the Stainless Steel Skyline Shelf from Meek Mirrors features a ½” drop edge with the front edge hemmed to improve appearance and provide extra reinforcement.

The Stainless Steel Skyline Shelf also features multiple brackets that are spaced at a maximum of 24 inches apart.  The triangular brackets are made with high-quality stainless steel and offer impeccable support.

Additional Features of the Stainless Steel Skyline Shelf

  1. The Skyline Shelf from Meek comes in one of two finish options: the M3400 Bright Finish or the M3410 Satin Finish.
  2. The shelf can mount independently.
  3. In addition, the Skyline Shelf is made using 18-gauge type 304 stainless steel, ensuring strength and durability.

You can upgrade the Skyline Shelf for welded and polished corners as you prefer.

Benefits of Meek’s Stainless Steel Shelves

Reasons you should invest in at least one of Meek’s stainless steel shelves include:

  • Strength and durability. The stainless steel shelves are corrosion resistant, reducing the likelihood of rust. The shelves are made from high-quality steel which ensures longevity.
  • Easy to clean. While stainless steel lacks inherent antimicrobial properties, it is a non-porous surface, meaning bacteria and germs won’t pass through. Therefore, the surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.
  • The shelves provide additional storage functions.

Order from Meek Today

Ready to elevate your shelf storage game? Contact Meek Mirrors to learn more or order stainless steel shelves today.

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