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The infinity mirror is one of the multiple attractive mirrors designed and crafted by Meek Mirrors. It is a perfect choice, providing a floating mounted mirror to add a massive touch of elegance and functionality to any space. Contact Meek Mirrors today to learn more about or order the infinity mirror in custom sizing.

Features of the Infinity Mirror

Outstanding elements of the infinity mirror from Meek Mirrors include:

  1. Floating Mirror

The infinity mirror comes in a floating design, giving it a unique and impeccable look. In addition, the floating mirror comes in a 22 gauge, 304 stainless steel frame. The stainless steel build adds an extra element of strength and durability. Meek Mirrors invests in high-quality materials to handcraft and manufacture high-quality products.

  1. #4 Satin-Finished Hemmed Edges

Number 4 Satin finish is a general-purpose brushed polish that is the most popular choice for architectural applications. However, the satin finish provides the infinity mirror with a unique appearance, especially around its hemmed edges.

  1. Theft-Resistant Concealed Mounting

The infinity mirror comes with patented theft-resistant concealed mounting as an added bonus. The concealed mounting provides the mirror a seamless minimalistic look that can last for years after purchase and installation.

In addition, the concealed mounting provides product protection, especially in high vandalism-prone areas, or just areas with high foot traffic. The theft-resistant concealed mounting provides extra security and safety for the product.

  1. Powder Coating

The mirror’s stainless steel frame is available to be powder coated. Unlike conventional painting, powder coating provides the fixture with a harder finish, ensuring protection and product durability.

The infinity mirror is also available ¼” plate glass or tempered mirror.

Benefits of the Infinity Mirror

Reasons to purchase the infinity mirror from Meek Mirrors include:

  • Customization capabilities. The infinity mirror is made to custom-order sizes to fit different size requirements and specifications.
  • Flexibility in customization. In addition, the infinity mirror’s frame depth is also customizable to your choice.
  • Aesthetic enhancement. The floating mirror enhances the aesthetic appeal of virtually any space. As such, the infinity mirror is excellent for hotel rooms, apartments, office buildings, retail centers, etc. It adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your rooms.
  • Strong and durable. The infinity mirror has a stainless steel build, giving the product a durability advantage. In addition, the theft-resistant concealed mounting provides an extra element of safety and security that lasts for years.

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors is an expert manufacturer when it comes to top-quality mirror products. We have a wide range of products ranging from mirrors to shelves and specialty products, such as:

  • Corner guards
  • P-trap covers
  • Stainless steel grab bars
  • Stainless steel countertops
  • Kick plates and push plates
  • Sneeze guards
  • Intubation boxes
  • Sanitation stations.

We also supply Personal Protection Equipment.

Our team is uniquely trained and experienced in handcrafting top-notch quality products based on their expertise and your customization requests. Meek Mirrors is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas but supplies products locally and globally, directly or via its several licensed dealers.

Order Your Infinity Mirror from Meek Mirrors

Our handcrafted products are designed to match customer expectations and meet quality requirements. Call the Meek Mirrors team today to learn more about the infinity mirrors and other product offerings, or order today and have it delivered according to your custom specifications.

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