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The Angle “Snap” Framed Mirror was the first Meek Mirrors product applying for the snap frame patent. It set the industry standard for robust theft-proof commercial mirrors. These mirrors comply with the highest quality standards and retain their luster even after several years of use. The concealed mounting makes them theft and vandal resistant. Angle “Snap” Framed Mirrors are available in standard and custom sizes. You can choose mirrors from 8 options. Angle “Snap” Framed Mirrors are ideal for commercial restrooms in stadiums, retail stores, schools, and malls. The mirrors are guaranteed against silver spoilage for 15 years.

Product Features:

  • Theft-resistant concealed mounting
  • Hand welded and polished corners
  • 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel

Special Features:

  • Bright or satin finish
  • Field replaceable
  • Frames can be powder coated

The Snap Frame Patent

The snap frame is a design that protects mirrors installed in publicly accessible places from theft, defacing, and damage. It employs several innovations to lock the frame elements and the mirror together without using independent locking mechanisms such as special wrenches or keys.

The structure is such that the frame cannot be moved forward away from the mounting plate. This means that it is impossible to remove the mirror without breaking the glass. The result is a robust frame that you can conveniently mount at the installation site. The other advantage of this innovation is that the frame is attractive when installed because it does not expose the mounting bracket.

About Meek Mirrors

Founded in 1961, Meek Mirrors is a small veteran-owned business based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The company specializes in handcrafted mirrors with its Patented Theft Proof “Snap” Mirrors installed in over two million locations worldwide.

Meek Mirrors is a leader in innovation in the mirror market and prides itself on superior craftmanship. The company has invented several industry-leading innovations, such as the patented stainless steel mirror frame. It has a reputation for using high-quality materials in all its handcrafted mirrors and steel products.

The company makes both standard and custom products for residential and commercial spaces.  It offers a range of standard and custom products, including stainless steel finishes, tempered mirrors, plexi glass, and a wide range of services.

In addition, Meek makes wood frames and specialty steel products for all types of construction and renovation projects. Customers love their products for their superior quality, sleek design, and ease of installation.

Meek Mirrors is committed to empowering veterans and currently has over 60% of its staff comprising of veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. All Its products are proudly made in the US and sourced from American companies. The company website demonstrates its American workers cutting, hand welding, framing, and polishing products for customers.

The glass products come with a 15-year guarantee against spoilage, while the mounting brackets and frames have a one-year guarantee. Meek Mirrors is a true reflection of quality.


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