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The art of glass etching has advanced; you can create excellent laser etched glasses. Through this art of pure creativity, one can get decorative pieces. These can then be used as gifts for friends or family and can also be used within commercial spaces. The etching is done at the back of the glass by removing its layer, leaving a clear glass on the front.

Meek Mirrors is among the best companies that has embraced this art by making commercial spaces look beautiful through glass handcrafts. They can craft the glass mirror into any design you want as a client. This presents you with unlimited choices.

About laser etched mirror and glass

One interesting property of laser-etched glass is that they don’t fade. Whether they are left in tough or harsh environments, they will always retain their original look. Additionally, this technology does not involve the use of chemicals, paints, inks, or harmful elements.

The etching process is simple and begins by cleaning laser light. The light is then used to melt the mirror or glass and brings out the desired design. You can have as many designs as you want by carving the glass.

Applications for laser etched glass

Laser etching technology has enhanced creativity. You can use the technology and make branded/customized hardware. Are you in business or the corporate world? You can elevate your brand by etching your company’s name, logo, or personalized graphics of your company.

If you have a commercial space, then laser etched glasses can be the magic your space needs. You can create an order of your preferred size and design and fix it at the corner of your office or store.

Advantages and functions of laser technology

  • The tools used are durable, thus saving the company cost of frequent replacement.
  • You are not exposed to dust due to blasting elements
  • You can achieve accurate and fine details through the laser technology
  • The engraving done by the machine leaves impressive results

Bottom line

There are many ways of modifying your commercial spaces. They no longer have to look empty and boring. With laser etching technology, you can pull out some fantastic designs and bring life back to your space. You can contact us to get handmade quality products. We are flexible to accommodate your orders which can be in bulk or a single order.


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