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Having a commercial space means that you have invested a lot of money and time in its development. Therefore, there is a need to accord it the proper care to avoid damage. Have you ever heard about corner guards? If not, then this article will be beneficial.

Corner guards are products made to blend well with your present designs and protect your walls’ edges and corners. They are designed in different sizes, materials, and finishes. Placing them at the places that command traffic, like corridors and hallways, will save you the trouble that comes with repairs.

While many people make corner guards, ensure that you go for professionals with a reputable track record. Meek Mirrors is such a company that has gained credibility in making corner guards. Once they have your commercial space measurements, they will make the product that will fit your walls and keep them safe.

Where are corner guards used?

The application of corner guards is diverse. These products are commonly used in areas that are prone to damage. Most of them are used in storage rooms, health care facilities, schools, and commercial places. They help the edges remain stable even after adverse pressure or force. They are the best option if you are mindful of your employees’ safety and the visitors who frequent your commercial building.

Things to consider in choosing corner guards


Corner guards are measured in width and length. The width is the distance from the corner. However, the width of your wall is the one that will determine the width of the corner guard. The length is defined as the height of an installed corner guard. The installation is done vertically. There are various length sizes of corner guards, and some are cut with a floor-ceiling measurement.


Meek Mirrors offers stainless steel corner guards but they can be powdered coated. Their durability is extensive, and they are also economical.


A corner guard is installed in three methods;

  • Double-sided Tape: This involves fixing a two-sided tape on the interior of the corner guard. This enables the guard to be fixed on the surface of the wall. According to the Meek Mirror experts, this method is more straightforward because it doesn’t require any tools.
  • Adhesives: This involves applying glue on both the wall and the corner guard and then sticking the guard on the wall. This method will allow you to fix the guard without missing flexibly.
  • Screw on: Screw-on method is done by drilling the corner guard on the wall and tightening them with screws. However, this method requires you to have some tools.

Bottom Line

The safety of your commercial space is critical. The safety of your employees is also paramount for productivity. Fixing corner guards along the corridors and walkways will avert accidents and keep your walls in good shape. Meek Mirrors are experts in making high-quality corner guards. They boast features like a satin finish shape, hand-welded and polished corners, and powder coated. You can contact us and request a quotation.

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