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Wood Framed Mirrors

Wood framed mirrors can transform any interior space and are an excellent addition to rustic styled as well as urban homes and offices. Wood framed mirrors are made from a variety of wood types, some of which have exotic natural colors and textures. The timber material ranges from poplar to dark mahogany, weathered oak, and birch.

Wood framed mirrors are meticulously finished meaning that you will have a new piece of art whenever you add a wood framed mirror to your wall. The designs include stunning beveled edge mirrors, traditional accent mirrors, and beveled accent mirrors.

Wood framed mirrors are a versatile décor that you can use to embellish any space, whether it is the living room or the bathroom. Some also have beading or roping finish to add elegance to the wood frame.

They come with concealed z bar mounting for easy installation. Wood-framed mirrors have a chic and trendy design that can complement any interior design style. Some of the common finishes include espresso, champagne silver, and vintage style.

Wood Molding from Larson Juhl

Larson Juhl offers customized wood moulding, meaning that you can request wood framed mirrors that suit your interior design styles or personal preferences. The wood moulding comes in a wide variety of colors like gold, silver, bronze, wood tone, and black.

Whether you are looking to add mirror décor to your interior space or fancy a more functional design to add to the bathroom, you will find models that suit your needs. You can also choose a frame design that blends with the indoor furniture in your home or office.

From rustic to glamorous styles for deluxe offices, the only thing that will limit you when selecting wood mirror frames is your imagination. They have a frame for every room and application. Whether it is a bold frame to make an elegant living room or a subdued style for your office, you will find a frame that suits your needs.

Wood Molding from Larson Juhl comes in a variety of colors, so there is no risk of disrupting your preferred color theme. Larson Juhl offers over 2000 mouldings that come in standard sizes as well as large sizes. And if you are looking for a bold style to make an artistic statement, they can create a custom design for you.

About Larson Juhl

Larson Juhl is a Berkshire Hathaway Company founded towards the end of the 19th century. It has a rich history of quality artisanship and dedication to delivering superior products to its customers.

Larson Juhl has a reputation for producing elegant wood mouldings for different types of mirrors and pictures. The company is a global leader. They use sophisticated moulding designs to produce frames that add elegance to indoor spaces.

 Buy Larson Juhl Wood Framed Mirrors from Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors stocks elegant wood framed mirrors with high-quality wood molding from Larson Juhl. These mirrors are great for hanging in office buildings, restaurants, and apartments. We have over 2000 moulding choices and can offer custom sizes.

Meek Mirrors is a veteran-owned business based in Fort Smith, Arizona. We value our customers and are always on hand to help them buy the most suitable mirrors for their premises. Request a quote for the wood framed mirror now.

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