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Illuminated mirrors have gained immense popularity in the last decade, especially for interior decor lovers who obsess over their bathroom spaces. Unlike ordinary mirrors relying on overhead lighting to provide functional lighting, LED lighted mirrors to generate light itself.

At Meek Mirrors, we expertly design and handcraft a wide selection of mirrors, from regular mirrors to LED lighted mirrors. When it comes to lighted mirrors, we manufacture LED lighted mirrors and round LED lighted mirrors. Here is a guide on the LED lighted mirrors from Meek Mirrors.

Features of the LED Lighted Mirror and Round LED Lighted Mirrors

Both these mirrors share striking similarities when it comes to features. Common features for both the LED lighted mirror and round LED lighted mirrors include;

  • ¼” mirror with polished edges.
  • Stainless steel build. LED lighted mirrors have a stainless steel wall-mounted base and stainless steel hangers.
  • Different lighting options. These LED lighted mirrors have four lighting options, including 6000k, 5000k, 4000k, and 3000k.
  • Light placement options. These LED lighted mirrors can either be sidelit or backlit, with varying frosting alternatives.
  • Energy-efficient LED lights.

They also come standard as hard-wired, with the option of getting a plug at your discretion and request.

What is the Difference between LED Lighted Mirrors and Round LED Lighted Mirrors?

There is not much difference between the two when it comes to functionality and material. The main difference is that an LED lighted mirror has a simple rectangular shape. On the other hand, a round LED lighted mirror–as the name suggests–is round in shape. They both have LED lighting either at the back or the side of the mirror.

LED Lighted Mirror Applications

LED mirrors are exceptionally versatile, permitting multiple location usage.

Pros of the LED Lighted Mirrors

  1. Stylish and aesthetically pleasing. LED lighted mirrors create a luxurious ambiance in any bathroom installation.
  2. Easy installation and maintenance. While a little technical assistance may be recommendable, installing the rectangular and round LED lighted mirrors is a relatively easy task. The LED lights and drivers are also easy to replace with Meek Mirrors’ plug-and-play system.
  3. Custom sizing. At Meek Mirrors, we can also supply you with custom-sized LED lighted mirrors to fit your size specifications.
  4. Energy efficiency. LED is considered the best option for energy-saving lighting. You can save a lot on electricity bills by installing either of these LED lighted mirror options from Meek Mirrors.
  5. Versatile usage. Besides installing the LED lighted mirrors in your bathrooms, you can install them virtually anywhere, whether in the hallways, over your fireplace, or anywhere you want. Generally, our LED lighted mirrors are the perfect complement for any residential or commercial restroom.

Meek Mirrors LED Lighted Mirrors

We manufacture rectangular and round LED lighted mirrors to suit different preferences. Our mirror experts in Fort Smith, Arkansas, can customize the LED lighted mirror to match your needs. Reach out to us to get a quote or order your LED lighted mirror.

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