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Meek Mirrors is the number one leading provider of high-quality and durable hand-crafted mirrors. With a vast market base in the commercial sector, Meek Mirrors provides glasses in different designs and sizes. You can order a customized hand-crafted mirror or choose from a wide variety of mirror glazing options.

Below is an overview of the different options Meek Mirrors provides clients.

1. Plate Glass Mirror
The plate glass mirror is an Industry Standard, regular ¼” glass with a silverback surface coating that produces images via reflections. Its end result is an impressive reflective quality and is often a favorite among clients.

2. Tempered Mirror
The tempered mirror is glass that is heat strengthened to break into tinier pieces instead of the larger jagged pieces usually associated with plate glass mirror. It will have some distortion caused by the production process.

3. Laminated Mirrors
The laminated mirror is comprised of two glass pieces and a vinyl layer in the middle. One of the pieces has a mirror coating. The glass is held together when shattered.

4. Category II Tape Backed Mirror
Category II Tape Backed Mirror is standard ¼” plate glass mirror backed with category 2 tape. When a mirror is backed with cat II tape, it serves the same purpose as a tempered mirror because the glass fragments stick to the tape.

5. Polycarbonate Mirrors
Polycarbonate Mirror is a plastic mirror that is made to be softer than acrylic mirrors. They are extremely lightweight and provides superior optical clarity. The polycarbonate mirror is virtually unbreakable.

6. Acrylic Mirror
It is a plastic mirror designed to be lighter and harder to break than a plate glass mirror. The acrylic mirror is more vulnerable to scratching, unlike other mirror options. Experts recommend cleaning it only with a soft cloth and water to avoid any potential damage.

7. Aluminum Mirrors
Meek Mirrors produces mirrors using a 100% recycled solid score, making the aluminum mirror one of the best green products. It has an aluminum matte finish on the back and an aluminum reflective exterior surface on the cover, making it highly aesthetically pleasing. The aluminum mirror is virtually indestructible.

8. Stainless Steel Mirrors
Meek Mirrors uses high-quality stainless steel buffed to produce a reflective finish that resembles a mirror. The stainless steel mirror from Meek Mirrors is unbreakable.

Besides the mirror glazing options, you can always find other mirror options classified differently to match your needs and functionality. These include design, shape, and size. Fortunately, Meek Mirrors can provide you with fully customized hand-crafted mirrors for your commercial, residential, or industrial needs. The company thrives on customer satisfaction and provides you with options for customizing your mirrors.

Meek Mirrors also provides the rarest option of laser-etched glass and mirror. It is designed to be tough, durable, and immune to harsh conditions.

The company is dedicated to achieving its clients’ visions and desires by providing cutting-edge innovations and the highest craftsmanship levels. All these options are available to all clients, whether commercial, industrial, residential, or institutional, and can be customized to match your specifications.

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