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There are different ways you can fight germs. Meek Mirrors is at the forefront of providing hand sanitizer stations to keep you and the people around you safe. Even with the pandemic still looming, other viral diseases are spread through initial contact with other people. Frequent use of wall hand sanitizer stations helps cut off the infection rate. The handy wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations are easy to install and come with unique designs and features!

Why you should consider getting a wall sanitizer station from Meek Mirrors 

  • Easy Accessibility 

Whether they are positioned at the entrance or exit, our wall sanitizer stations provide a convenient way for employees to maintain personal hygiene practices. The wall sanitizer stations can be placed in breakrooms, offices, or any areas with high traffic.

If employees have to go to the bathroom on the other side of the facility, you should consider placing a wall sanitizer station closer to their workstation. Our experts are happy to look into the most convenient wall sanitizer station location and recommend a suitable spot.

  • Minimal Contact

Meek Mirrors offers a variety of wall sanitizer stations. Our no-touch sanitizer stations promote sanitizations while keeping contact minimal. Our wall sanitizer stations helps reduce unnecessary contact and decreases the risk of infection.

Thanks to the array of wall hand sanitizer stations from Meek Mirrors, you are spoilt for choice. No matter the design or features you settle for, wall sanitizer stations from Meek Mirrors are effective against any potential disease-causing germs such as COVID-19.

Key Locations for the Meek Mirrors Wall Sanitizer Stations

Organizations that have adopted wall sanitizer stations have reported a healthier workforce in the past.

With recommendations suggesting that you sanitize your hands at least five times a day, the wall sanitizer stations’ location is key to effectively curbing the transmission of germs.

Key locations such as restrooms should undoubtedly be well equipped with the right sanitizing station. Other areas to watch out for when installing wall sanitizer stations include:

  1. Entrances and exits

A door handle can transmit germs to many people, especially in your workplace. The last thing you want is your workforce succumbing to illnesses. Preventive measures such as washing your hands and sanitizing are the best bet against such occurrences.

Installing a wall sanitizer station close to an exit or entrance protects your workers and improves customer attitude towards your workplace hygienic protocols.

  1. Food courts, break rooms, and cafeterias.

Break rooms and cafeterias have high traffic. As a result, the germs and bacteria call for a preventive measure to get ahead of the transmission. Wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations from Meek Mirrors make this a reality.

Frequently disinfecting cafeteria and breakrooms does not entirely take care of the problem. People moving around are bound to transmit germs from one room to another. We provide a quick and effective solution.

  1. Meeting rooms

Meeting areas such as conference rooms and auditoriums are often packed with employees or other visitors. By prioritizing safety, you protect your employees and visitors and keep your business operations safe.

Quality Wall Hand Sanitizer Stations from Meek Mirrors

While providing wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations is crucial when combating illnesses, it’s vital that you have the right-hand sanitizer stations for the task. Make sure to contact one of our agents, and we will be right with you. At Meek Mirrors, we encourage hygiene by tackling germ hotspots. Reach out to us for more information.


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